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Boys aren't better at math than girls

Boys aren't better at math than girls

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It is widespread that the mathematical abilities of the girls are worse than those of the son. That's what a new research is all about.

Boys Are No Better With Maths (Photo: iStock) Jessica Cantlon, head of research at Carnegie Mellon University and her team, has investigated new, neither is there any difference in mathematical skills.- Science does not justify Neapolitan belief - said Canton, the author of the research, a professor of neuroscience. According to the survey, children's brains behave in much the same way, the researchers hope that everyone's requirements for their mathematical skills will be reconsidered.Cantlon and his team examined the functional activity of 104 young children (aged 3 to 10 years, 55 girls and 49 boys) with functional MRI while viewing instructional video on simpler mathematical topics than in mathematics. We then compared the results of boys and girls, due to similarities. In addition, the brain was examined in children, comparing the results to a group of adults (25 women, 38 men) who had the same mathematical video Neither did they process mathematical skills, nor were they as committed to watching instructional videos. The children's brain maturity was also equal to that of the adult shower group.According to Cantlon, society often deprives girls of their love of mathematics, and according to earlier studies, boys are more likely to get a play that requires a cognition of space. According to the research, mathematics teachers are often more focused on boys' studies, and they also prevent girls from being mathematical, would like to continue working in the Cycle of Remembrance and Memory, monitoring children across multiple years. (VIA)Related links: