Typical Symptoms Of Infant Reflux 5When Do We Begin To Worry?

Typical Symptoms Of Infant Reflux 5When Do We Begin To Worry?

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How long can infant failures be considered normal and when should we suspect reflux?

A typical symptom of infantile reflux 5

Because of the infant's underdeveloped digestive system, acidic stomach contents are easily returned to the esophagus, and tiny babies often have post-mortem failures. This does not necessarily indicate a problem in all cases, but it can also be caused by the baby consuming more at one time or by hurrying to live well quickly. If, however, there is reflux in the background of frequent downs, it is it is important to be recognized and treated as soon as possiblebecause otherwise it can cause severe heart failure - weight gain and tongue failure! Symptoms of the disease dr. Noémi Vass, a pediatric gastroenterologist, was consulted by the Buda Allergy Center.

1. Home

When eating, babies swallow a lot of air, so it's important Changes after a vertical situation to charge the baby so that this air can escape. It is a cause for concern, however, if failures occur more frequently than the average, or if they occur regularly.

2. Green-yellow beech

The color of the falls is normally white. However, in the case of reflux, the fall is green or yellow, possibly it can be bloody. The blemishes are bile-containing, or. Extreme rare cases of mucous membrane can be caused by fresh blood.

3. Protest against eating

Return of gastric acid back into the esophagus can cause inflammation in the affected area in a short period of time, thus affecting the baby it may become swallowing pain. Because of the pain, the baby is restless, sleeps poorly, and may refuse to eat. Reflux may be a sign if many times over the neck and back because it opens the spine, which relieves discomfort.

4. Stagnlly weight gain

Due to frequent falls and vomiting, the nutrients necessary for the development of the baby cannot be absorbed by the body, so reflux may occur if the baby does not grow or only grows very slowly. 

5. Problems with vision

Reflux gastric contents not only the esophagus but also the esophagus, can also irritate the respiratory tract, may cause inflammation of the sensitive mucous membrane of the mucosa. This may also indicate that reflux babies are more likely to have upper respiratory illnesses. Nasal congestion, urticaria, recurrent sinusitis, and otitis media may occur. It can be a warning sign if the baby is frequently hiccups, heartburn, whooping cough or tongue, and may develop a strong whitish smell. It can help a lot if the little one more times, in smaller portions, many times, for longer And it is Let's raise the head a little bit. You can also reduce the number of failures by replacing your diet or by thickening it with milk or breast milk. less time lying down) - usually terminated. In the meantime, however, it is very important to treat the disease in order to prevent the development of the disease - loss of weight, throat throat!