I want a berry!

I want a berry!

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Marcsi chose a homeopath instead of a "normal" pediatrician. Years have passed since three children are healing with help. Finally Dad relaxed, though…

- And what kind of pediatrician do you want? asked the guardian when I first visited six months pregnant. I was shocked at the question. Can I choose as in the supermarket? Every once in a while I asked: "What is it like?"
"Well, a homeopath is fine," the answer came. At that time, I didn't quite know what a homeopath was, but I guessed it would be OK for us. After all, this kid will not be decent, but special, he deserves his best. If this is homeopathy, then it is. I began to get myself into the mysterious world of potentialization, and I was educated in homeopathy from the very first minute of the soon-to-be-born Bornborough. If he had cried too much, slept a little, was restless on the jute, and when his nose started to flow, I found all the right stuff. First, under the direction of the Doctor, I read more and more, and as my knowledge grew, I chose and gave her the little white sugar.

No Nuclear Flash?

In one of the diaper compartments, carefully packed in aluminum (to protect against radiation), I carried every little thing with me, where I put a lot of homeopathic remedies besides the usual patch and disinfectant. After all, there is a berry for everything. If it falls, if it bites its head, scratches the knee, and does not laugh, it has also been used to treat other mosquitoes. You sleep well in time. Once, when I spilled the contents of the bag to my friends, he just laughed: Only the atomic flash would surprise me, huh? It also nailed my head, wondering if there was no right substance? But I decided that would be really paranoia.

They got homeopathy:
Zsolt, Marcsi, Bornborough, Borsica and the little Bende

The tarmac is low!

As the yeasts passed, small drugs became more common. After all, his two-nosed noses fail, none of them have skin on the court, no wonder the sobbing sounded hundreds of times a day: "Mom, I am berry!"
There was only one skeptic left in the family, my son. "This little diabetic is of no use, no good medicine?" - he often murmured when the doctor returned home with a couple of homeopathic remedies instead of a regular prescription and a traditional antibiotic. Then it turned out to be useful too. Sхt. And infidelity slowly became called, and even useful. The last time I hit my head in an open boy, I gave a heap of candy to my dice, but I can still hear the fat: - Don't I get berry?