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Over 40 - Really Dangerous?

Over 40 - Really Dangerous?

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Even today, the first child born over 40 is not considered a case in point. We are also increasingly experiencing maternity benefits at this age in the world.

According to experts, the optimum period for having a child is somewhere between 18-29. It's a lifetime. Thirty women may have reduced fertility and may be more likely to have complications related to pregnancy. After the age of 40 the danger is increasing, and yet more and more women are engaged in maternity.

There may be a risk of miscarriage

"Thirty to forty years ago, there was hardly any example of that women must have forty childrenwe are not surprised these days, "says Julia Lukacs, defending. To help you deal with any issues that may arise, you may need to consult a nurse or a nurse immediately prior to conception.
It can also be a risk if the mother is healthy, but someone in the family struggles with diabetes or high blood pressure. We should know every sickness that has happened in the family. Pregnant women in their forties, but in their forties, are particularly advised to undergo a thorough medical and laboratory examination, "says the nurse.
The 44-year-old Szabou Ildikou his son is eleven months old. "I consciously prepared for the pregnancy, passed all the suggested tests, and my results were good. I have grown sons on the first knob, so this pregnancy was almost like having a first baby.
At the same time, I lost my pregnancy and the birth. I deliberately prepared for babies at the age of three, but I just realized how sensitive it is to be a mother. My two great sons, like my brothers and sisters, have a very good relationship, but this relatively small birth has really awakened my maternal sensibilities, much more mature, experienced, and probably wiser than before. I also had fears.
I pondered a lot about whether or not to carry out a genetic screening of amniotic fluid, which is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. I was not worried that my child might be sick, but that I might be rejected after treatment. My baby was born with a cesarean section, which I was disappointed with because I was very ready for birth. With the exception of motherhood, my child is developing miraculously every day, "says Ildikou.

It can easily be surprises

Julia Lukacs met in defensive practice with several pregnant women who had thought they would not get pregnant again after forty-two children, fogamzбsgбtlбssal neither were they more open. They can make life especially difficult when it comes to the fact that the gypsy has no climax, the mother is expecting a baby.
Major Anna, with her fourth child, lived just that. "My little baby came into our lives freely and spontaneously after three consciously chosen children. Until then, I thought that something like this couldn't be happening to me, but my life was over. they were bigger, I had time again, and I couldn't imagine being diapered again, breastfeeding instead of sleeping.
After all, I couldn't manage this little life by myself. I didn't do it because of my age kromoszуma-vizsgбlatotbecause I felt and knew I was healthy and so was my child. I was born with a mother-in-law, which gave me a wonderful result. And when I saw my baby, who had moved me so hypocritically, I knew I had made the right decision because this kid is the gift of my life, "Anna says.

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Finding the right one

Women are meeting more and more women who have never had a baby because they are I didn't find that man, who would have liked to have been born or had had their careers cut down on time, and had no sense of being a mother.
Melinda Sуlyom gave birth to a single baby girl 42 years old. "I quit my job, traveled a lot, enjoyed my independent life, I didn't miss my husband or my child. I didn't worry about my age, but I heard many times that I had to take care because I ran out of time, First of all, I would love to have a baby. I was lucky, because without intervention, our body conceived naturally, although my doctor didn't give much encouragement at first.
The baby did not go so lightly, my baby came to life at week 34 with a cesarean section. I was happy and dreading being born too soon. No problem, healthy, abundant child. Even though my job doesn't attract me as much as it used to, now it's the most important thing in my life, "says Melinda.
Mothers who can't get pregnant enough during pregnancy and support after childbirth come back to the shelter. "All women are different in their condition, the forties agree that they all wondered, life is considered to be the birth of a child"said Julia Lukacs.

She's a stellar mother in her forties

Madonna's son, Rocco, may have been the singer's fortieth birthday since she was born five days before her mother's birthday, but Halle Berry was just as old as her baby. Geena Davis gave birth to all three of her children well after her fortieth birthday - her baby girl, 46, gave birth to twins two years later.
Susan Sarandon's two sons were born at birth 43 and 46. Meryl Streep gave her fourth child 41 years of age, and Salma Hayek was just as old at the time of her baby's birth. And we could go on with Monica Belucci, Marcia Cross, Celine Dion, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Kelly Preston, Courteney Cox, all of whom passed away when they first experienced or re-experienced motherhood.
There are also plenty of domestic celebrities who have forty people committed to the role of mothers. Gabriella Yakupcsek was 45 years old when she gave birth to a baby boy, two boys. Little pastor Anna's son was born in November 2013, the singer gave birth to her first child at the age of 41. Anikó Ungár was 40 years old when his son Baronits Gbor, the ill star of Yban, was born.
Szulák gave his baby girl, Rozin, 43 years of age. Juli Bsty's second son was born in forty years, and two years later her third son was born. Bori Péterffy, 44, is two years old, and Zsuzsa Csisztu is the second son to be born at 42, and Nelly Fésыs is the same age.
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