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Homeopathy in Hungary and in the world

Homeopathy in Hungary and in the world

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Today, around the world, half a billion people and a quarter of doctors use homeopathy routinely and first - which is a number of experiences that few methods can offer!

Homeopathy in Hungary and in the world

Exhibit example:
  • Over 5,000 homeopathy practitioners in Germany and 70% of outpatient practitioners use and recommend homeopathy! 80% of the population has met with homeopathy or used it at least once a year!

  • There are 5 homeopathy hospitals in England and 8 homeopathic hospitals available.

  • The English Royal Family also uses homeopathic remedies, and The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formerly Royal London Homeopathic Hospital) treats mainly chronic patients with homeopathy. According to a survey conducted by them, 90% of the patients were satisfied with homeopathic medical care!

  • In India, over 100 homeopathic colleges teach healing and 250,000 homeopathic remedies. Many poor people benefit because they are cheap and fast. Mother Teresa was a homeopath herself.

  • In France, more than 40% of the population benefits from homeopathic remedies.

  • Before the Second World War, there was a homeopathic hospital in Hungary. After the war, Rabbi Blacks banned homeopathy, saying it was a cure for aristocracy.

  • Homeopathy was in its infancy in the 19th century. Conventional medicine has been pushed back by its development. Today, chronic diseases are increasingly turning to this 250-year proven, mild treatment.

  • At the beginning of the century, the most famous Hungarian homeopathic doctor was Gustav Schiemert. His five sons became physicians, among them Prof. János Szentbothothai, president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. At home, Professor Szentbotha cured his family of homeopathic remedies.
In Hungary, homeopathic remedies are available Registered and licensed by the National Institute of Pharmacy gyуgyszerek! Homeopathy Order only a specialist homeopathic remedies can be obtained without a prescription!
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