E-recipe: How can we choose a kid's recipe?

E-recipe: How can we choose a kid's recipe?

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Will there be a change in the new system to choose a recipe for our young child? Everybody Need a New Clip Card? Dr. Szilard Balla, a lawyer, a drug lawyer, has helped me navigate.

E-recipe: How can we choose a kid's recipe?

By December 31, 2018, everyone is required to publish the e-prescription on their website. require a certificateand then the doctors will ask you for it, and if you have a prescription certificate, the relative can choose a prescription, Dr. Balla Szilбrd, lawyer, drug law specialist at HziziPatika.com.

In the event of a minor or incapacitated person, there is no meaningful change to the current system, and you can choose a recipe by having a surcharge certificate.

An old type ID card is not an obstacle to choosing a prescription, it is easier if the patient has a new pin ID card, because in this case they do not have to present the TAJ card in the selection line. If you do not have a new pin ID card, but an old one, you will need to show the TAJ card in the pharmacy.

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