Ideas for children 2 years old

Ideas for children 2 years old

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Surprise your little wheeler with some really nice games that will improve your skills as well!

Ideas for children 2 years old

Gondev Plüsss figure

Do you know the super little things used by psychologists, the caring stuff? At first glance, it seems like just a simple game character, but the disposable mouth has a tool in which the child can hide anything, even his or her current problem, drawn on paper. Again, sadness and nightmares! (picture:

Mini motor

For a small plastic motor, every two-year-old baby boy and baby will be absolutely dry, and we guarantee that. At this age, the most important thing about development is that the kids move more. The foot-powered motor improves their spatial orientation, motor skills and helps their muscles to develop healthily. It can be really used in the spring, but if it is not very cold and it is not raining or freezing, it can be overwrought. (Height: 25 cm) (photo:


It is also a great choice for a tent-connected tunnel for motion development. Especially because during these cold months, even the little ones in the room can completely drain their excess energy. They come in, they cook, they go, and they also learn to overcome their fears of entering the tunnel. (picture:

Small Kitchen

The little ones learn to do just about everything, so to cry in a small kitchen (just like mom and dad) to their status and improve a lot. You could learn the names of food, the use of kitchen utensils, or be careful not to burn yourself when the oven or the feet are hot. It's a good idea to choose a play kitchen that is stable and of good quality to prevent it from falling over your child and enjoying the fun of being a child. (pictured:


At the very forefront, Double is one of the best developer, educated games. Creative, entertaining, facilitates the development of fine motor skills and enables them to practice their roles. For boys, there is also an appliqué, a hyper-super steam locomotive, and for the girls, the now very cool Golden-haired tower will be the perfect surprise! (photo: (photo:

An unbreakable set of pencils

Among classic activities such as drawing, one of the most effective and useful among the developer activities. Two years later, the children start to be interested in the creative process and cause them to be overwhelmed if they leave a mark on the paper. By the way, the coordinated work of the eye-hand is superbly developed. Because your little fingers are still weak, you may want to put a thicker pencil or washable pen in your hands. (posted by


Getting to know the music can't be done early. A quirky electronic guitar that produces cool light and sound effects is sure to be one of our child's favorite toys. It also improves rhythm sensing, hearing and hand coordination. Boys' boys, girls pink from Super Wings guitar. (picture: (picture:

Hungry Winged Maze

Kids at this age are fond of plugging and hiding things - this cute little furry game, which enhances small shape recognition ability and fine motor movement, is great. Parental Valuations are based on 5 out of 5 points! (photo:

Red jumping

Many times the simplest games are the greatest. Not only is it a wonderfully refreshing bra not only for fantastic fun and indoor energy drainage, but it also effectively promotes back muscle development, body posture, and good balance. In fact, their roles do not have to last.(photo:

Book: My Innocent Skin

If your child comes to chickens a little, this little book set of 4 (I eat, play, bath, sleep) can help you learn about binge events. The drawings are also very cute, you just can't help but love them!(photo:
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