There is one reason for male infertility

There is one reason for male infertility

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Researchers have identified a cell organ inside a sperm that can play a role in early abortion, infertility, and birth defects.

There is one reason for male infertilityCentrifuges play a key role in cell division, and researchers have now found an unidentified centriplum that belongs to the sperm. This discovered cellular organ can play a role in infertility, birth defects, and abortions - so far. There is a need for a cell division called a centrosome, which builds up two centrifugal cells. However, according to a new study, he found that not by centrifugation, the centrifuge is . It is possible that if the cell organ is not functioning properly it can cause infertility and birth defects. Further research is needed to explain its exact role and how infertility can play a role.
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