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Getting Started Support in 2018

Who Can Get Started Support? What you can use it for and have a sum. We have collected the most important information.

Getting Started Support in 2018Getting Started Support tied to schooling, elementary school or high school class can be given to children starting in September 2018. You can give it from the 60th day before the start of the year until the end of the year.Education support can be given:
  • the parent of a child raised in his or her household by the blood or an adopted parent,
  • living room with the parent of a child raised in his / her household
  • a person who wants to bring up a child raised in his or her household and the procedure for doing so is under way (collectively: parents)
  • egyьtt the szьlхvel йlх йlettбrs if the йrintett ellбtбssal child йletvitelszerыen egyьtt йl йs йlettбrskйnt the szьlхvel legalбbb a йve in the Йlettбrsi Notices Nyilvбntartбsбban or szьlхvel fennбllу йlettбrsi kapcsolatбt the ellбtбs megбllapнtбsбra irбnyulу kйrelmet legalбbb confirms megelхzхen kiбllнtott kцzokirattal a йvvel,
  • the educator, the gem
  • who lives the child in the Living. were placed on a temporary basis,
  • the head of the orphanage brought up in the orphanage,
  • the Correctional Administrator or the Commander of the Penitentiary Institution, with respect to a child raised in or in a Correctional Institution and in child protection,
  • the head of the social institution with regard to the child placed in the institution
  • the person named in the decision authorizing the removal of the parent's house by the orphanage.

Getting Started Support the employer can give it 30% of the minimum wage can be given to a worker who is also entitled to family allowances or to a household living with this parent. In 2018, this is $ 11,400 (138,000 x 30%), after which the cost is 34.22%. You can add an unlimited amount with an average charge of 40.71%. Exclusively voucher you can spend on textbooks, teaching aids, clothing. You can also claim your own in special cases, eg. if both parents are dead. In such a case, you can apply for support from your local government.
  • whose parents were all dead,
  • whose single parent living with her in the household is deceased, divorced, divorced, or has an unmarried parent,
  • who has dropped out of education,
  • whose custody was terminated because of his grandfathered choice,
  • who lives with her parents, foster parents, guardian by blood, not living in a household,
  • the decree of the decree authorizing the abandonment of the Home Office of the Orphanage provided for education support to be granted even before her grandfathered election.
  • Two times in August, the family party will come
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  • Family Party Referral Dates 2018