What is your birth plan for?

What is your birth plan for?

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Who's got the baby? Do you want to get a cut? Do you want pain relief? By the way, do you want to get tired of even walking? Maybe you are having a baby or having a baby?

The birth plan can be a mankou

An expectant baby has a myriad of questions in her mind as she prepares for birth. It is very important to be aware of the birth process, the possible interventions, situations that can be experienced in the ward, during or after birth. Since the beginning of the two thousand years, the birth plan, which can help you sum up your mom's needs.

Get information, organize your thoughts!

- A birth plan can be very important when you are ready for birth - says Novбky Rita she is a Fellow of the Perinub Foundation. - It's worth discussing your ideas and ideas with your doctor, as you may find out we do not agree on basic questionsor the protocol of the given hospital does not allow us to fulfill our requests, and we can still switch to a doctor or a hospital at the same time. think about it at home and put our ideas on paper. This way, you can talk to your baby more efficiently when you are pregnant, when your doctor can just tell you where it is!

Lots of information from parents

- The Internet offers many baby-mom portals szьlйsiterv templates, but be wary of them, warns the littermate. - I've also come across a birth plan that asked my mom to want a vacuum instead of a cesarean section when it comes down to it. Unfortunately, it turns out that you are not sure which intervention for what, and in all other cases, one is useful as the other, so its lucidity cannot be fulfilled from the outset. to seek the appropriate agency and staff. If we know that we are in harmony with the choices we have, and that the basic trust is born, then with good communication, which is the foundation of all hope and parenthood, we can make all the difference in the process. decisions can be made in common, knowing that the newborn woman is aware of the concepts, interventions, and their possible consequences (such as enveloping or analgesia) that arise during childbirth. The birth plan is a kind of communication crutch, a tool to talk about birth.

Should we bring a birth plan to the school?

According to Rita Novбky, coming with a birth plan - and not knowing the birth - can cause mistrust in today's hospital environment. The staff feels that this paper is a good way of asking for the goodwill or good intentions that everyone has in order to get the best out of their parents. can be a guide threadwith the help of which the expectant mother can tell in time what she wants, what she does not want, what she is trying to accomplish, and all that can be accomplished in the birth row. If, for example, the institution's protocol does not allow the father to be present in the womb, but is admitted only to the living room, then this is in vain in our birth plan and cannot be achieved.

How long is it worth sticking to your birth plan?

It is the competence of the staff to make medical decisions. In many cases, we cannot see where the boundaries of this lie. For example, if you insist that you do not want a crust, but that your head is weak and that your energy is running low, then a crust can do wonders. it reads as follows: "as much as possible I do not ask for sheathing, I do not ask for shredding as much as possible", and so on. - If I say that these are basically my needs, but talk to me - the baby says - or I am not insistent, but I do not want my head to be overlooked, I lose my "ultimatum" to my birth plan. What are the spiritual consequences of not being born as described in the birth plan? Many mothers move on easily after an appointment with the child, but there are some who can't spend time on the streets anymore, she is losing her failure to give birth as planned. In such a situation, you may want to turn to the Perinatus Foundation, which is one of its main areas of expertise in assisting in the processing of births and births. Unfortunately, it is also elхfordulhat to jу kommunikбciуval the megkйrdхjelezhetх dцntйsek vйgigvihetхk well as the szьlх nх rendkнvьl kiszolgбltatott.Цsszefoglalva tehбt: szьlйsi plan kйszнteni mindenkйppen йrdemes to legyьnk tisztбban the szьlйs folyamatбval the Possible situations йs megtalбlhassuk the place where the elkйpzelйseink can be best matched with the options. But let's not forget - especially when we are born first - that birth is still an unknown condition, we don't know how to respond to the impulses we get during childbirth, and we probably don't think as well as planned in the meantime. .