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BabagamiBuff it on to feel safe!

BabagamiBuff it on to feel safe!

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We will not need colored paper like origami for this folding toy, but for a cloth, a soft blanket, and a terry cloth. Following this guide is easy to learn about babagam art.


The newborn is expecting many sweet little things, and she is still light on her first bride. With all the cute stuff and body, don't forget about a nice touch, a nice pattern on a blanket, and a large cloth as well. Good service after bathing, before falling asleep, stinging stomach. The easy-to-wear baby is kept warm, and the bouncy baby can happily nude under it. The Jews have been using a method that has been rediscovered nowadays. Especially for the little newborn, if the arms of the entangled man are again surrounded by something - it reminds the mother of the defense. We facilitate some adjustment to the world of life by periodically reintroducing the fetal state to paradise. Of course, the baby not only affected the mother's womb, but also her own body. It calms you a little by sensing your own toe pads. After all, a folded blanket or cloth is enough if you have a pelus and body on it.

Try out different folding methods!

Notice what's going on. It is important that the comforting jacket is not even a comforting coat. Wrap your palms around your neck between the scarf and your baby's body: if you can do it comfortably, the package won't be too tight. And down below, there is a need for whiskers that your baby can bend his legs. As opposed to the traditional pussy, which tucked up the tiny feet and therefore adversely affected the development of the hips, babagami provides much more freedom of movement and is recognized by orthopedic doctors.
In addition, breastfeeding is severely hampered by conventional you can put a doll wrapped in a cloth in a wide variety of postures for good breasts. It is especially useful when the newborn's encapsulation makes breastfeeding difficult. The small blanket you roll in prevents it from being mowed with tiny arms and unwittingly pushes you away from your breast.

Listen to this!

  • You choose a natural, soft, loose-fitting, slightly elastic material, especially when it comes into direct contact with the skin. A cotton knit blanket is also a good solution.
  • Don't be thick!
  • Initially, a 60 x 90 cm piece is enough, but if your baby grows quickly and likes to wrap, you can get one or two bigger.

  • How long are you?

    Most babies in the first one or two months love to wrap. Depending on the speed of movement, as you start to use your hand, it rotates, as it gets more active, it slowly outgrows this great method of soothing.

    Do it!

    Did you go through the rugi and have no other? No panic, solve the situation flexibly! This is what the Emergency Babies do: Lay two mid-size cloths (textile diapers, kitchen cloths, headscarves) and fold down the upper corners. Lay the doll so that your shoulders are relaxed. Fold the right side of the scarf over the baby and tuck it in the back. Be sure to smooth it out, because the textures on the fabric can push the baby. Then fold up the lower heel and fasten it with the top of the cloth underneath. Finally, the left corner follows: Fold it to the right and fasten it on the baby's back. And now quickly get home the riggie before the baby recovers from the roll!

    Did you like the idea? In this book
    you can read more about roula!

    So calm your baby girl!

    Fold down the top of the canvas and lay the doll on it so that the canvas is on the canvas as well. Place your arms loosely in the bent knee beside your body, then fold the left scarf over your stomach and put it under your right arm. Fold up the bottom corner and insert it under the left shoulder. Now fold the right side of the cloth into the baby, wrap the top of the scarf around your neck, wrap the rest of the cloth in, and zip it back. Stay Package Longer!

    After Fürdés

    The hooded bathtub keeps the bathing water warm. Wrap the baby until you dry it! Fold out the heated hooded bath sheets and lay the baby on top. Place the hood over your head and loosely fold the left corner under the right arm. Now bend the right corner to the left, put the lower corner inside, between the legs. Gently rock the baby from head to toe, you will enjoy it!
    And here's a video where you can see how to wrap your newborn.
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