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Testicular Problems

Testicular Problems

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Few people know that the swelling of babies and toddlers' testicles requires immediate medical, possibly surgical treatment.


Testicular inflammation is a relatively rare disease, and more often it is due to twisting of the small testicle in or near the testis. If you have a problem with a testicular twist, you need an immediate surgery, as you may die of a testicle under a lung. Therefore, any swelling of the scrotum that requires redness requires emergency surgery!


It is not an uncommon problem, since it is important to know the symptoms, because timely help depends on whether or not the testicles become damaged. During infancy and toddlerhood, it is possible that a testicle of unknown origin is reversed in the scrotum. In this case, the semen leads and blood vessels become closed. If you do not get rid of the trapped position within six urns, permanent damage may occur. if our baby complains of a strong stomach, let's also take a look at the scrotum. Get medical attention immediately if red and hot. In many cases, the doctor can return the testicles to their original position by hand, immediately, and the pain is immediately eliminated. This will be followed by a smaller operation: "The stallions" will be "sewn" into place. A quick operation is needed if you cannot remove the twist by hand.
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