Cute tatyuu made of polo, sewn without - DIY

Cute tatyuu made of polo, sewn without - DIY

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Favorite pуlуk's New Life.

January is the time of selection, and I too am getting rid of unnecessary stuff, because, let's face it, people can put a lot of stuff down the years, and for me, it's kind of getting more and more disturbing. we never use it, and this is especially true for children. Lots of games, lots of clothes, all kinds of stuff, we buy them everything. But the kids don't even have a room packed with toys: it scatters and makes them uneasy. Like me, because it makes it very difficult to tidy up. So far, I've picked 3 big boxes of stuff, and I'm not even on top. Unused items can have countless places: we can sell them, or we can have them. There are many things you can do with your poles. For example, a cute baby boy is a good idea to make a little baby that fancies the little plush favorite or the little little toys that we bring into the ovary.But they can also be used in the nursery, as an environmentally friendly and stylish textile store. And we don't need to sew any more!
ollуThe pouf should preferably not be worn, torn, fluffy. From the bottom of the pole, we cut off the strap.If you want your baby to have a longer ear that can be worn on the other side, cut 2 thin strips from the bottom of the pole.Cut the neck of the poke around the edge, do the same with the puck's fingers.Cut the fringes to the underside of the pole at least 5 cm. The width of the hooks is approx. 1.5 cm.Then knit the fringes facing each other. Let's knot well.And we're ready for some storage.If you want a larger sheet, cut the previously cut strips and tie them on the pile.Do you also have a favorite party? What do you do with your outfits? Anikу Rбcz's blog is HERE.
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