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Symptoms of folic acid

Symptoms of folic acid

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We are well aware that folic acid has many things to do: it plays a role in cell division, in the suppression of depression, and in the proper functioning of the brain. What are the symptoms of folic acid?

Symptoms of folic acidWe know for a while that pregnant women are especially recommended for folic acid, and even during the family planning period, it is good to take folic acid. In this case, you need to consume folic acid in tablet form, because you are unable to eat as much folic acid-rich food as a diet needs. Such foods rich in folic acid can also be pulses, egg yolk or green leafy greens.
  • decrease in concentration
  • memуriazavar
  • depressziу
  • mood disorders
  • diminished cognitive abilities.
Fertility is also affected by male fertility: the quality of sperm can deteriorate. In pregnant women, folic acid deficiency can increase the risk of developing the spine and the brain. Symptoms include fatigue, fatigue, weakness, loss of strength, folic acid deficiency.Related articles about folic acid:
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