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In good time, the direction of the playwright. So is our fairy tale, Poci, who's sure to hit two kids in the sandpit.

The sun beams through the clouds and lures the kids to the playground. It warmed up the sand and the beautiful red snail rails.
- Mom, look how many people are on the playground! Let's go out too! Poci smiled as he searched for his sandbags in the hall.
- Very good idea! Mom agreed.
They were about to leave. Poci's tiny little footsteps happily walked past her mother as she cheered on the sandbox. They've arrived at the playground.

Poci welcomed the children excitedly, as he hadn't met him in the autumn. The sand was filled with beautiful blood. Around it were mountains and roads and tunnels were winding. But one of the tunnels collapsed.
- It's all your fault! he stared at Poci Panka.
- I wasn't a genius! the little girl defiantly protested.
- Yes you were! - Dani's friend besides her.
- Not true! Panka protested.
- You can't play here because you ruin everything! Dani came over the little girl.
Panka began to cry bitterly.
- Shit-chuckle! Poci groaned.
- Now, come on! The playground is for everyone! You don't have to go to Banks or anything else! Mom said wryly.
- Certainly not! Panka's mother also agreed.
- Come here quickly! "I'll tell you a rickety story," Mom said, and began narrating in a soft voice.
"Well, I remember when I was making a wonderful sand town in my childhood with my friends. He made an irony tunnel to tie Manor with Tenerife. Just the tunnel you had.
The children were silent, uncharacteristically, without fighting. I was listening to Mom's story.
"I remember being very bitter about the tunnel. In my duh, I began to argue out loud," Your fault! "I said to my friend." I was not! " And they didn't sing any more.
They disappeared between the clouds. And mine became invisible, and their footprints indicated where they were running. And underneath the footprints, the small tunnels collapsed, the towers of the blood collapsed, and our magical mountains collapsed. It was at this time that I realized that our huge tunnel was also broken by the naughty Manus. I've never been angry with my friends. In fact, when I finally apologized to him, I looked up at the clouds. Guess I saw the teens! They smiled again, and the music of the music quietly, very quiet again… "
"Perhaps Panka didn't cut our tunnel, either," Poci thought.
- They must have been the naughty man! Dani said.
- I wasn't genius! - jumps to the Bank.
- I'm sorry! said the two little boys at once.
In the meantime, Mother's sign disappeared: - Come on fast, repair the tunnel again!
The kids were hanging out, shoveling the sand. He made a longer and stronger tunnel than ever.
"Well, I sure can't do the damn man!" - the children were convinced.
- It seems very safe! Dani's mom said.
"Let's go home now and come back tomorrow to see the tunnel," Mom said.
The kids headed home. No one was upset or sad, and everyone was eagerly waiting for the meeting.