Play on the pad

Play on the pad

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Let's play on the field with the little one! Adapt your positioning abilities and descend to your baby's baby.

Let's go to bed or armchair and give birth to our baby. If we set off, let's get out of the hiding place. He'll laugh a lot when we get together.

Let's play on the floor!

Crush the ball and go after it. Let's start side by side and let's jump on the little cuckoo: who gets to the ball? Next to the ball, you may be interested in anything that "moves": water bottles, rolling objects. Drag and drop a simple plastic bottle in the room, imitating what we want to get it. it spins and moves at the same time. Your baby will surely be on the way. Let's make a block of feathers, folded blankets. Let's place three to one meter apart. Let's live for the last time, and put a teddy bear or other nice animal on top of the obstacles. Let's call the baby to ourselves or direct it to the teddy bear.