Is the child lazy? Make her friends!

Is the child lazy? Make her friends!

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In better physical shape, there are kids who play and exercise together with their "best friends" in the neighborhood, says a British researcher.

The experiment was conducted by Dr. Russ Jago of the Center for Sport, Nutrition and Health in the UK, from the University of Bristol. During his examinations, he observed 10-11 year-old children in what kind of exercise they performed with their best friends, and the results were Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise cнmы published it.

The child moves more when he is in the company

A total of 986 children were enrolled in the experiment, most of whom had a good friend at their residence. They generally knew each other from school and told the clients what physical activities they were doing together, and whether their friends encouraged them to do so. Now, every child and friend has been given an accelerometer to watch how much they move by day and by minute. We looked at boys and girls in particular. "Because many young people don't come up with suggestions for physical activity, other ways to look for we move it хket. Our results show that it is an effective method to for cross-country sports Welcome, especially out of school, "says Jago. The study is part of a larger series of studies examining how peers influence the activity of 10-11 year olds.
"The results also show the power of friendly relationships - simply to move with a friend, or being in contact with someone who is a good example increases the physical activity of children. We know that those who moved around a lot, kept this good practice as an adult, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. " wider waistline. This research shows how easy it would be to get them into exercise. "