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Family program suggestion for the autumn break

Family program suggestion for the autumn break

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It's autumn break! Here are some exciting programming ideas that will definitely give you two great results.

THE in the Open-air Museum of Szentendre do exciting, themed bicycle libraries: every day, you can scroll through other topics throughout the museum, guided by professionals and excited to discover places that are just as hidden away. Bicycle tours end up with drinks and groceries from a local retailer. Specially recommended for children on October 31 and November 3, is a compilation of the Skanzen storybook, where we can trace My Mind and Gubou. Programs are subject to pre-registration! More information can be found here on the 26th and 28th of October Home Cartoon Holidaywhich offers everyone free movie screenings, family and kids programs, plus plenty of locations to choose from. There will be real classic cartoons - for example, episodes of this year's 40-year-old Cubes of Arrow - in many places - but also modern creations. The programs are free! Here you can see what's going on between the shows and the programs.It is also worth a trip in the autumn Bigger cats are recommended for a day at the Museum of the History of Budapest Beggars and Kirblyfswhere children can learn about life in the medieval palace and the city through Mark Twain's workshops and exhibitions. It is possible to change into a costume or to trade. The entry fee is 5000 Ft, which includes a hot lunch. You can find more information by clicking here.You can view the Museum of Agriculture's interactive exhibit until November 4, Bûvvs Erdõt. During this fairy-tale adventure, visitors can discover the enormous amount of losing puzzles, playable puzzles, and lumbering forests that add value to their furnishings, and their taste. With exhibitions and games, participants can find out if they can resist the magic of the forest, see if they can fall into the trap, and find out if they can erdхbхl. You will need good nose, sharp eyes and a firm eye to reveal the illusions and losses. But if all obstacles are successful, the reward will not be missed! Exhibition and games require around 1.5 hours and are recommended for ages 4 and up. The adult ticket is 1750 Ft, the child ticket is 1550 Ft. You can find more information here! THE Bllatkert Budapest it offers a relaxing break for families with children during the autumn break. Plus, kids under the age of 14 can visit the Zoo and the Deserted Blood for only $ 200! Of course, these days, there will be Few programs!Also worth reading:
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