5 super autumn games for toddlers

5 super autumn games for toddlers

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Here it is, take advantage of the last rays of the sun and get more out in the open! And when you're there, collect as many autumn leaves, cones, acorns, chestnuts as you go.

Playing with leaves - every kid loves it

What are you doing? Because super cool games can be made! 5 (+1) shows the fall games that every little kid will love. Are you not a nature lover? Or is it raining? No problem, we also have home-made ideas that can help you feel the atmosphere of the autumn without having to leave your home.

1. Treasure chest

Collect autumn treasures in the box

Take a walk in a nearby forest or park and look for more treasure in nature. Collect leaves, trees, acorns, chestnuts, cones, whatever you find. Make it at home shoe box into a "treasure chest" And put in the treasures. At every walk, look for something you can put in that box.

2. Color board

You will love your child's glue

These toys will require a large sheet of paper cut out, colored paper towels and glue. Your child will be reminded to tear and staple the colored papers. It's a hit develops fine motor skills too. Stick some of the more colorful paperclips on the leaf, which you can also hang somewhere.

3. Halloween frame

There can always be another kind of fun for your child

If it's autumn, it's Halloween. Pumpkin carving is absolutely essential at this time, but if you are over it, here's a game that is very entertaining. Cut out a nice big bag of orange felt material and then different eyes, nose and mouth shapes in dark brown or black. From here, it is up to your child just what "pumpkin" he is making, the number of possibilities is endless.

4. Autumn tiger

The autumn din of a home can be a little gift

Bigger kids have one, one you also need a little sanity hozzб. Collect cones, acorns, and beautiful leaves. From a hobby shop, get a white roll of white paper towel (this will be the head of the publisher) and a little rusty wool yarn or yarn (this is your hair). You need a good quality glue, and you are ready to be a nice, autumn cooler. If you put a book on top, you can hang your child's new toy anywhere.

5. Hand wreath

On a rainy fall day, this game can be very good. Three different colors, autumn tint paper, ollour, glue and your child's hand will be needed. Draw the hand of your little child and draw this pattern out of each color sheet in three copies. Then you just have to glue them together and they are also the most beautiful autumn wreath. You can also tell the date, I'll be back in years, how big your child's hand was. + 1. There is nothing to grab the crib that little kids feel when they jump on autumn leaves. Make a great pile of leaves and get started! The source of the article is here.
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