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But we also have some sex, sure ...

But we also have some sex, sure ...

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God, it's been a while since you've ever caught a bat on a rolled-up blanket, but don't let anyone fool you, because you're not gonna get any wild sex here.

But we also have some sex, sure ...

That is to say, but just the lack of what no one talks about, because it is time to dispel the sugary binge that if the end of the baby, breastfeeding, stomach, hysterical, and then we'll be sex gods again. And if not, then we will have some sex, surely.When I try to put two big cushions in bedding, suddenly nostalgic, and stop in wide, holy parents. I'm afraid of the foot, and I'm wondering how much this mattress can tell me in front of me. The insatiable beginnings of catching each other daily, of course, not only here, but in the ground, in the water, in the air. Actually, this was not the case, but an option where sleep was obviously the last time. Pregnancy came when it was nice, and the "green month" came out too, but less often, we didn't then if we get out of these things, then we'll be scared. After childbirth, I also felt that an imperial airbrush would have done less damage to my lower limb, so it was closed for anyone to put on anything for a while. Then I forgot it, but I kept breastfeeding and milking and breastfeeding and milking. I paid for it, restored it, found it and put it in the pacifier, wrapped it, covered it, lifted it, put it back, stroked it, watched it and sang it. But sometimes we had sex, for sure. But as we slept more and more, it was true that the family ratio was not fair, and the pattern of the bedding was important. Clearly, it doesn't matter what the baby's bed is at night, when it comes to diapers. And how were we silk bedding old? Muhaha. But sometimes we had sex, for sure.After some time, because the kids are so self-conscious, it started to come to bed: every night, you could hit a child of any size every morning, and every day. And we were working, loving and bringing up a kid, and our greatest luxury was a completely restful night. But sometimes we had sex, for sure. As the kids grew, the intercourse was quick, no, and, if possible, she was really good at it. Because the "cute little ones" were getting smaller, of course, and even in the last minute they asked for a fairy tale, a glass of water, a lantern, but we certainly had sex. Somewhere sometime. Maybe in my spirit and secretly, "If they get big, everything else will be." This was said by an old friend of mine, who must have forgotten her teenage girlhood, and she doesn't remember when she was late in the night, but the girls started to die. I have a teenager too. If you thought you were going to have a golden age with an older kid, I was frightened: there is no corner in your home where you can go innocent, your eager, company-like, and naturally enlightened child is everywhere. involve the child for at least a week. And from the summer camp, you will only worry about not menstruating at that time, but you will have sex for sure. You sit in front of the bed and yell, "Only the nice one at rest would come!" Because you still don't know that you have a climax…


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