I'm still breastfeeding twins

I'm still breastfeeding twins

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It is better to be fortunate enough to breastfeed Sonny and Matyit - says Antony Erás, but when asked about the details, she is very conscious, conscious, and well-off.

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Strong Antúnia (40) Broadcaster, Broadcasting, twice wins Most Popular Broadcaster
His head: Tуth Lбszlу
Their children: Sonia Miara and Ivany Maby (2)
It is always worthwhile if you do not know a person in the spotlight because of your breastfeeding and parenting habits. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Miranda Kerr, Salma Hayek, Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Nicole Richie - all breastfeeding, breastfeeding, and this fact is not very secretive and the genealogy could be continued. The big question is whether their example will have a stimulating effect on others, and moreover, will a longer nerve suck on its effect.
Specific stories prove that celebrity is really just as much a mother, with the same doubts as any of us. Speaking with Strong Antony, I get breastfeeding advice and curiously ask about the small details that, in my experience, have a strong influence on the success of breastfeeding. Because, of course, luck must have it all, but what else counts, let Antulia tell you about it!
- Have you ever thought about breastfeeding at baby time? What are you planning?
- My mother was breastfeeding until three months old. I thought I was going to have a harder time with the twins. And how interesting it is, how much you count what's going on in our heads! The children were just three months old, when, in spite of the very favorable first weeks, I came to the point of breastfeeding, finished the formula, baby, so I didn't feel like I was going any further. But we also called the Breastfeeding Adviser, Ibolya Ruzza, and with her help everything went into place in one day, for example, we closed the balance in the closet. From that point on, I could somehow believe that there was enough milk to produce. By the age of six months, they had only breast milk! In the following, dr. Little Eleonour helped me to solve the difficulties that arose.
- You're talking about a good first few weeks. Of course, getting started is very difficult. It gives birth to a cup and gets two at a time. Tell me how you got started!
- I was very happy with the birth of Peterborough Street Kurdoch. After the operation, I was breastfeeding them for three-quarters of an hour, of course, with help, and first of all, lying down. Until then, they weren't alone, and Peter's had a long tradition of not leaving the first skin contact in the life of a greasy baby: they were lying on their father's chest while I was being pushed out. All I asked was to show me how to breastfeed them at the same time, I thought it would save me a lot of time, and really! Because they were occasionally breastfeeding three-quarters of an urn, it might not have been all day long for them to breastfeed on their own, but to breastfeed both at the same time with their twin breastfeeding mothers, and during their next lactation. Even shorter, to this day I always breastfeed them at the same time. At first I had to wake one up and I tried to get my agenda in line, but it was worth it. I was not morged in the first few weeks either. And now they are sucking their hands together, these are happy moments!
- How did you solve breastfeeding when you were out of the house?
- At any time, wherever I breastfeed them, just like at home, but only in retirement, in the car, in the open room. Before the public, this would have never occurred to me, but not because it would have bothered me to know me, but because it would have been a stranger to my personality.
- When did you start working again? How could you reconcile this with breastfeeding two children at the same time?
- I'm really lucky with my job. They were nine days old when I started working again. We scoured every opportunity and, in our case, thought it was mainly an organizational request. I only went to dunuton and got smaller bonuses. So, I included two breaks in my activities.
- Your figure is incredibly athletic, nowhere's a plus! How do you do this?
- I pay great attention to my diet because I have some type of diabetes when I was twenty years old. I have had time to learn that I can live a full life if I follow certain rules, such as eating five to six times a day. There was no problem during my pregnancy, though, and I had a day when I liked my blood sugar fifteen times for the sake of safety. I do not eat sugar, my diet is full of greenery, seasonal fruits. I don't cook very much, I rather pay attention to what I eat. I don't take anything away from me, I just don't take the meal. The first few weeks of pregnancy were difficult: I became very hungry several times a day. I have been thinking a lot about what we can eat without carbohydrates! Finally, I gained a total of nine kilos during pregnancy, which almost completely went away after I gave birth, and during breastfeeding I lost two more kilos. Unfortunately, I'm not doing sports now, but before the excitement I had three workouts a week. Even though breastfeeding is very beneficial for the sport, it is not my time.
- Thirty-nine have fallen into the "old-born women" category. Have you ever felt the disadvantage of this?
- There are more and more of us who are first to forty or forty. What confused sometimes was the many puzzles: why wouldn't the kid come again? You must be a career player, you must not become pregnant because of your diabetes. But none of the clues are true, it really is because our child is just now, because we have just seen the time come. I went to the recommended examinations, but "stomach licking" was omitted because neither the ultrasound nor the screening from the blood justified it.
- What was the hardest thing about the twins?
- In the first few months, I also had seven to eight breast infections, and the surprise when my eight-month-old was overnight was waking up again and again every year. It seems to me that almost all parents have to fall during this hot period. But there is always something that stops dead. For example, when they were infected with diarrhea at an annual age and ate nothing for days, they returned to exclusive breastfeeding. It's a miracle the way it worked, and as soon as they became healthy again. It also means a lot to me that due to breastfeeding and matinee, the risk of developing diabetes is reduced.


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