Kárrhбz City of Keszthely

Kárrhбz City of Keszthely

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The village is in a place envied by enviable people.

The birth department of a few hospitals can say by itself that, unlike national statistics, the number of births has not decreased compared to the previous year. This is, of course, not only due to the revival a year ago, but it also has its prose: after the birth of Tapolca, the Keszthely district was visited more and more.
Dr. Peter Novбk, Head of the Birth, Maternity, and Surgery Matrix Division, considers the award of a baby-friendly hospital title as one of his main goals.
"We have the personal conditions to do this, as we have an exceptional medical and maternity team at the disposal of the pregnant mother, taking great care of their needs," says Dr. Novбk, who guides us to the maternity room. - In the near future, we will set up an alternative room.
The baby-friendly approach proves that in the classroom, we support the natural processes of mother-child bonding.
- Immediately after birth, place the baby next to her mother, and after watching the baby, she does not have to leave the baby. The baby compartment operates in a 24 ounces rooming-in system, and since every room has a bathtub, balance and breast, virtually the babies are brought to the mothers for examinations - the head teacher says.
In the midst of depression and parenting, they strive to be flexible within the department. Cuttings, cuts, shaving are not treated routinely, but the doctor decides when it is needed. A midwifery homeopathy specialist also helps pregnant women who are free to walk around in trouble. Cervical incisions are performed in close proximity to the spine. Nitralgin gas and drug anesthesia can be accessed by anyone in the midst of a smooth birth, with the addition of dr. Péter Peter and his colleagues consider birth to be a natural process, and in this spirit they help their mothers.
Facts and figures:
Number of births in 2010: 570
Ratio of Cuttings: 27.6 percent
There is free choice of birth.
There is no alternative bedroom for the time being.
Alternative tools: ball, music, homeopathy
Living room: Two beds, one of them can be converted into one of the chairs
24 oulr room room-in system
The class does not use formula.
Return home: 5 days after cesarean, 4 days after spontaneous birth.
Parenting Courses are held under the name of the Parish School once a month.
Flexible visitation time, no spa visit, babies can be seen through glass. No pay rooms.
There are three double rooms, one triple room and one quadruple room with separate water block.