24 Time Tips for You?

24 Time Tips for You?

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24 Time Tips for You?

Cheaters - This is not just a special movie title, but an activity every mother with young children does every day. Tips and ideas on how to save time for yourself.

Toys with time, time wasting, juggling time. You may not take it all the time, but balancing your daily routine with parenting, housekeeping and work will help you do this. How can you free up more time to get lost in the sea? Let me now share with you some - I have already earned - the idea!

List. List. List.

When my baby was born, I realized that the only thing I could do to ensure that I was going through the middle of the messy tasks was to list everything. You can, of course, list in countless ways and devices. Have a large, full-rubric calendar of notes that you can take notes of every day in abundance: when to see a doctor, when to call a mechanic, do a big bribe, and have a toddler in high school. Make or buy a big corkboard to put on your weekly to-do list! This can be a great help if you choose more than one post it note so you can organize your tasks by color. If you always have a smartphone on hand, you can organize these lists there, as you can find countless handy applications for managing these tasks.

Best to-do list apps:

  • Wunderlist
    For Android: //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wunderkinder.wunderlistandroid
    for iOS: //itunes.apple.com/us/app/wunderlist-to-do-list-tasks/id406644151?mt=8#
    Best of all, you can also share your to-do list and your to-do list with your couple. The menu is well structured: family, work and other lists can be managed individually.
  • To-do List
    Android: //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dime.android.todo
    iOS: //itunes.apple.com/us/app/todoist-to-do-list-task-manager/id572688855?mt=8#
    Easy task management. You can denote what is urgent.
  • gTasks
    Android: //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dayup.gtask&hl=en
    iOS: //itunes.apple.com/us/app/gtasks-tasks-manager-for-google/id428249408?mt=8
    You can prioritize what you do, ask for a reminder, alert. You can also enter a border.

Your request for "What to cook?"

What is one of the most difficult tasks facing a toddler mother in the midst of the most challenging tasks? You're almost sure to say the first thing. And there is no cooking without charging. Let's face it - with a really big prank when you need a small motor, a sandbox, and baskets with a baby in a stroller, you can simultaneously sew on a cluttered, mass-market, Because fresh healthy ingredients are important to you, too? It would be a daunting and time-consuming task to do this every day. So, the most practical thing you can do is plan your weekly diet and a list of related expenses in advance. You skim through the recipes you need, collect ideas, and then plan your weekly diet to help you make a good list. You will do more quickly by thematically grouping the raw materials you need. You look for what you buy at the butcher, what at the greens, or just at the poke. If you shop in a supermarket, you should also shop thematically so that you do not spend too much time shuffling between shelves or returning a forgotten brand. I know from experience that such a list will not only be very important in terms of time control, but also the family cashier will have a good effect, as you do not buy unnecessarily and minimize the amount of food thrown away.


When planning a meal, think ahead! Even with a kid, you can have countless unexpected tasks or problems that overwhelm your daily cooking routine. Whatever it may be, freeze it in your blush so you can quickly remedy the momentary confusion that little-kid mom is getting into sometimes!

Your even a friend of yours

Whatever you can, go online! When my first child was born, he was still in the shoes when he was online. However, 6 years later, with the birth of my son Bence, my second friend took off a lot of tasks as I jokingly christened the internet in the past few years.Listen, what do I use for everything? In addition to work, you can pay for your money, make appointments, mail, and of course, pay (food, gifts, household items, clothes). You can save countless queues, bloodsheds, and nervousness by being born in the online world. Trust me! Now you can do almost anything with Virtual Layer! If you have a smartphone, you can get the most out of your work, anywhere, even online. To do this, just download the most important apps: the right app for banking, a calendar, and a planner for your weekly schedule and to-do list; but by the way, if you also have your favorite coupon page in hand. Collect a bunch of your favorite, trusted web clothes to quickly get the most important things for your family (eg kids' clothes, toys, food, diapers). .

Make Time Baskets!

Unlock a shelf and display seven boxes or slippers. Label each basket (from Monday to Sunday) and collect your to-do list, check, to-do items (sewing, binding, kids things to read, to read). So you will always have your weekly tasks and tasks in mind.

Put it in the evening for breakfast!

Do you have rush and steady searching in the morning? Have you noticed that the morning moments are quite tense and nervous? Once I calculated that I would spend at least 5 minutes a day looking for just the key or the house key. That's more than two horrible wastes in just one month. It's a good idea to start your morning headache early in the evening: Prepare the things you need for breakfast; put on children's everyday clothes and shoes; if family members are having a snack on the morrow, have them prepared in advance; Reassemble the boxes (eg wicker / ovis pack, schoolbag, your own board) and make the keys.

Only in April

With children, it is simply incapable of taking the time to clean and tidy up in the classic sense. That's why I prefer the "a little bit every day" principle. So you spend 10-15 minutes a day on a new area instead of more hours of work. What I mean? While your baby is bathing, you can clean the mirror and change the wash basin. As long as you boil some water in the saucepan, you can instantly dismantle and wash your counter. The laundry is stored already in the first place (especially in the dark, especially in the color and white stuff), so you do not have to spend extra time on washing.

Don't be afraid to teach your kids their х tasks as well!

I taught my children from a very young age that they put their dishes, their cutlery in the sink, and - if you believe it - not a 1.5-2 year old kid can buy very dry clothes, to her mom.

Dare to ask and dare say no!

Last, I left the two basic rules of juggling time. Remember! You don't have to be super mother and do everything alone. If necessary and possible, do not hesitate to accept the offer offered. I really love the Christmas gift when we offer time coupons: these are suggestions that will make your other job easier. Feel free to ask your friends, relatives and friends for such a birthday or any other significant event. Just a few ideas:
  • a couple of heavy childbirths
  • two hours of free time while you are at the barber shop
  • Food ordering or home delivery
  • a loose massage
  • a big winter cleanup
You can add the list as you wish, as you know what you really need. And finally, a good tip: always focus on the most important! Dare say no, since you only have 24 uber days, right?


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