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Get him to listen.

Get him to listen.

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The kid just doesn't listen to you, do you tell him anything? With the ideas of Liza Finlay, a psychotherapist, you can solve even the most difficult situations.

If you don't listen to your kid

Many parents complain that their child is unmanageable and simply do not listen to him or say anything to him. What can be done? Read 5 Expert Tips!

1. Don't talk!

We talk a lot. A child hears about 200 commands a day from his parents: "hang your jacket", "wash your bed", etc. That's a lot. How much of these many instructions are followed? About 25% of the charges, which is not a good thing, but it is a fact. So count on that, There are also 50 commands one day for her. It's not that bad, is it?

2. Let the consequences come to light.

It's time for a less talk And more actions. Have you told me to take the snack box out of your bag a thousand times, but haven't done so? Don't do it for yourself, let's wait for it in a nice, yogurt-smelling box the other day. Don't take Lego after finishing the game? Put the cubes in a box and put the whole thing in the garage for a while.

3. Show me an example!

Children learn this by watching us. Being overwhelmed is not the best at listening. They talk to us, but halfway through, we also listen to incoming messages, and half-heartedly watch the way. The active listening that is, with our whole body, heart, and soul, we pay attention to the person who speaks to us. We not only hear what we are told, but also the often hidden messages that get lost in the words. How often do you pay attention to others?

4. Love, love, love!

Even if your kid is upset, give it a try to talk lovingly him. Many times, the situation is very upsetting, but instead of strangling it, rather try it. And what if that doesn't work?

5. Whisper!

The more frustrated we are, the louder we speak. And the kid feels like that, we keep yelling at him. Give it a try to silence your voice. Your child is awaiting yelling, but receiving a whisper instead, which may have surprising results. This trick is useful not only at home but also in the office. The source of the article can be found here.Also read these:
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