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5 symptoms that you should definitely consult a doctor

5 symptoms that you should definitely consult a doctor

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Long-term cough can be caused by many diseases, such as chronic catarrh, asthma, allergies, but it can also be an early sign of pneumonia and lungs. Complaints may also be associated with chronic facial inflammation.

5 symptoms that you should definitely consult a doctor

Early medical examination is very important, but you should not delay it if you have high fever accompanied by cough, severe thirst, or a bloody picture.

Coughing with laziness, suppression

Tьdхgyulladбsra refers to coughing with multi-day flames, oppression, localization of the side, increased pain in breathing, or difficulty in breathing. In such a case, a chest x-ray examination is absolutely necessary beyond the physical examination - explains dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi, the Center of the Lungs. Pulmonary inflammation is an antibiotic treatment that requires sedation. Hospital treatment for the elderly or other comorbidities is often warranted.

If you have allergies and cough

Reversible seizures are also a major symptom of asthma. Frequency of asthma йvrхl йvre nх hazбnkban. We distinguish between allergies and asthma of non-allergic origin, although the symptoms and treatment are the same. Allergic asthma refers to the fact that, with or without recurrence of the onset of the disease, the year occurs at the same time of the year, with asthma, which occurs mainly at night, at dawn, or upon physical exertion. Also, the color of the picture, which in the case of asthma is sticky, glaucous, can also be stingy.

Bloody spit

In the event of a blood test, it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately if this is not by an arrow but by a cough. With severe cough, you may have a blood picture of an infectious respiratory disease, such as in patients with bronchitis or pneumonia. This will usually disappear with the illness, but it is still better to consult a doctor. You will need an immediate examination if your bleeding is getting stronger and you have chest pain. Sudden complaints can also be symptoms of pulmonary embolism, and this is where the quickest medical help can be! Bloody Ripper tumor, tbc it may also be a symptom. Night sweats, weight loss, high fever and thirst are also symptoms that you should seek medical attention.


Most patients go to the doctor with a history of difficulty, which usually occurs only after exertion, and even after a period of rest. This symptom is most commonly a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) indicates an advanced state when significant improvement cannot be achieved. The most important thing - would be - to see your doctor at the time of your initial symptoms. In particular, COPD screening should not be delayed when experiencing the following symptoms: morning sickness, increased cerebral palsy, and physical exertion. COPD is predominantly a disease of smokers, but can rarely occur in non-smokers.

Nighttime coughing

The diseases of the nasal and nasal passages, inflammation of the face or gland can also be followed by a rupture of the pharynx. In such a case, the accumulated cavities do not disappear from the body through the nasal passages, but continue to drain over the pharynx for weeks, and even months, with inadequate therapy, causing the patient to continue to cough. Symptoms occur mainly at night, lying down. In such a case, the cough can only be a symptom, treating the underlying disease. There may be other predisposing factors to recurrent facial inflammation - such as allergies, polyps, rhinitis - a thorough examination and personalized therapy.Related articles in this topic:
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