It's not about breastfeeding or nourishing

It's not about breastfeeding or nourishing

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Breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby depends on a lot of things, but it is definitely a personal decision. However, you better be prepared: no matter how it turns out, relatives, friends, and acquaintances will have a roulette opinion.

Dietary nutrition can also be intimate

In fact, even to strangers. Mikaela Bodkin a Canadian photographer following the "Fed is best" movement. It seeks to put an end to the debate over which baby is better, breastfeeding, or dietary diets, which can also be found on, illustrating that dieting can be the same like breastfeeding. Do you not think that your baby is less fond of baby dolls?

Don't you see the outside, do you?

There can be countless reasons if a mother does not breastfeed her baby, some that we might not even think about. From a health problem to adoption, anything should never go over mothers who are not breastfeeding, even if you think breast milk is the best thing a baby can get. Mimicking the beautiful photos of the photographer, we do not dare to mothers who feed their babies infant formula love their children with the same devotion as those who breastfeed.


Nutritional nutrition

And what about those mothers who breastfeed a lot? One of the photos shows a mother breastfeeding her 5-week-old baby. At the same time, the 25-month-old baby. Do you know what others think about roula? She says people think they "starve" their baby just to give her baby breast milk.

If you breastfeed a lot, is that a problem?

Is it really good for a mother to breastfeed, but only for a certain amount of time? And afterwards will she suddenly become a bad mother? How's that? What do you think about that?Related articles about Baby Nutrition:
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