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Diarrhea, abdominal pain during pregnancy

Diarrhea, abdominal pain during pregnancy

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Diarrhea, flatulence, unexplained abdominal pain. What can be done? When should I consult a doctor? Take the most important ones first!

Diarrhea, abdominal pain during pregnancy

During my first pregnancy, I worked in a very stressful job, which was exacerbated by my diabetes, which meant I had to go to diabetes regularly. My boss at the time didn't really like it and it was getting harder and harder for me to get to the exams while working in the country. I stuck. Fortunately, the pain did not come to fruition, but medical intervention was important.
But what about you?


Diarrhea during pregnancy can be heard relatively less frequently, as we mainly admit to having more and more anxiety and perhaps finding a solution to it.
Transient diarrhea, for a shorter period of time, is not a problem as there are some who initially have these symptoms in early pregnancy, but may also be indicative of a close relationship to diarrhea that has occurred in recent weeks.
If you have diarrhea, you should go first, what could be the chosen reason. Milk, dairy products, junk food, spicy foods, too many fruits can be consumed in the back, but some dietary supplements, vitamin A or antibiotics may be a breeze.
If you have these problems from time to time, you should be more aware of your progress and keeping track of what might be causing the problem! Diabetes mellitus may also be associated with diarrhea symptoms, but these disappear following the diet.

Pregnant even more carefully

Unfortunately, however careful we are, there may be times when we are pregnant hygiene problem, inadequate feedstock problems.
So it's very important that it's fresh, trustworthy ingredients work on it too! Also, when relocating refrigerator products, be careful not to overheat the car or the driver on the way home. We've already arranged a smaller refrigerator for this in our luggage compartment.
Work with clean hands, clean utensils in the kitchen! Special care for cleaning vegetables and fruits!
I call your attention to two things, because unfortunately they can cause serious galibs. Do not re-use the ironing board, tools used to prepare the meat, and thoroughly wash them immediately after work. It is also important to use fresh, reliable eggs when roasting and cooking, which should be washed thoroughly before use.

Fluid, Fluid, Fluid

In diarrhea the most important is folyadйkpуtlбs. Fluids - and diarrhea in your body can drain water from your body's fluid reservoir - can also lead to dehydration and premature birth! Take small amounts of soda water, tea, weak fruit juice! Also, avoid sugars and fizzy drinks!
If you have diarrhea, it is better not to drink coffee at all, as it removes fluid from your body! In addition to fluids, you should keep a stomach diet and easily digest (dairy-free, non-fat) foods. If there is any kind of food in the background of diarrhea, they must be literally omitted from the diet!
If you have a viral diarrhea that has severe stomach cramps and you do not want to flush the fluid, fever or vomiting associated with the symptoms, do not worry! You should seek medical attention immediately.
If diarrhea persists after 2 to 3 days, you should also see a doctor for targeted treatment.

If you have a stomach belly

During your pregnancy, you may experience a variety of harmless abdominal pain, primarily related to the physical changes caused by pregnancy.

Windy, gassy symptoms

As your tummy grows, so do your organs: a you can press on the adjacent organs, the intestines are rearranged, and the diaphragm moves up. In addition, hormones also affect your digestion, which often causes you to confront these unpleasant symptoms. Fiber diets, adequate fluid intake, and exercise, exercise, or even sports during pregnancy can all help with these symptoms.

Sharp pain in the body

Calm! This pain supports growing labor lint it can come out and radiate to the thigh and to the foot. This is in the background that the tapes also have to adapt to your growing baby. You can feel the feel of these in certain situations.
With this unusual, sometimes sharp pain, almost all of us can meet during pregnancy, but especially in the 15th-22nd. feel better between weeks.
A sudden gesture, holy, coughing, or even laughing can make a difference. Changing posture and focused, relaxed breathing can help.
Pay attention to avoid sudden movements (eg do not wake up suddenly)! A gentle massage, a hot stroll or bath, or a pregnant yoga class can help. If you are coughing, you need to keep it holy, a little forward bending and bending the hips to help prevent the ribbons from fading.


The so-called Braxton-Hicks Compound Level is a natural addition to your pregnancy that you can feel from the 12th week on, but you don't have to worry about it! Ownership a alot of terrific coincidence there is a stomach: in this case, the stomach tightens for a moment and then relaxes. It is important that these cobwebs occur irregularly, can provoke stress, thirst, or the movement of the child, and also kill them in the short term.
Proper fluid reflux, magnesium intake, and relaxation or a relaxed warm bath are eliminated.

When pain can indicate pain

If you experience aching lower abdominal pain in the first trimester of your pregnancy that is accompanied by bleeding, it is definitely a warning symptom, can be a sign of miscarriage. Get medical attention immediately. If your symptoms become painful and regular, or if you have persistent waist pain, you may need immediate medical attention! It is conceivable that it threatens premature birth.
If you feel pain over the eyelid, which is accompanied by a burning sensation when peeing, with great currency cure infections, blistering (or even kidney inflammation) is a sign that should be taken seriously! Frequent urinary stimulation, low but poor odor, only reinforces this suspicion.
Immediate medical examination with targeted treatment helps with this problem, but abundant fluid consumption is also very important!
In the case of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other unusual symptoms during your pregnancy, you might consider the idea often referred to in parenting: if you stimulate it, something is wrong; You feel an unusual thing happening to you that you cannot explain, you should call your doctor or call him for help as soon as possible!
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