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Effects of weather on pregnancy and birth

Effects of weather on pregnancy and birth

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Our mood, our mood, our job, and often our health, are all affected by weather. Obviously, some of these effects are clearly of spiritual origin.

It is understandable that we feel better on a beautiful, sunny summer morning than on cold, drizzly, snowy, gloomy dawn. However, the weather is often true makes our body more capable, let's just think of the big summer canines, the effect they have on patients with cardiovascular disease. On such occasions, the number of rescue service alerts increases by several times. At the same time, the timing of the living organism is not only influenced by such publicity and is easily explained. It is a well-known fact that certain animal species are able to detect the change of weather and its ranges with great certainty. We try to describe the change of weather with a lot of measurable, objective parameters. Such values ​​are, for example, the air pressure, the ionic composition of the atmosphere, the temperature, the humidity changes.
By examining the impact of these physical parameters, we can try to get closer to analyzing the impact of the weather on the body. The impact on pregnancy has been experienced by all practicing obstetricians, since it is primarily life-giving that has a real and acceptable scientific explanation for it. Our knowledge is mainly limited to the knowledge of the onset of birth control and the factors that help.

Weather significantly influences the onset of childbirth

However, the exact answer for why is still unknown. The answer to this question is the disruption of the balance between excitatory and inhibitory factors, but the exact cause is unknown. However, it is a fact that certain weather conditions in a given geographic area can give birth to a large number of parents. It may happen that in my workplace we have had several times when we drive 19 babies in 24 hours, as opposed to the average of 7-8.
Other weather effects can trigger a temporary pause in parenting, which can be quiet in the next, with or without a parent. At what points can the weather lead to the onset of germination? The exact answer is unknown, but there are quite a few assumptions. One possible explanation is: a effect of pressure on the fetus.
In low-pressure, rainy weather conditions, experience has shown that the skin is more frequently found in babies with shell cracks. The annotation is a reduction in atmospheric pressure, which causes a relative increase in the pressure inside the fetus, and the resulting tendency to crack the envelope.

How does the sympathetic nervous system respond?

Another possible explanation is a effect of atmospheric fronts on the vegetative nervous system makes the parent dependent on starting. It is known that the autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating the function of the nervous system, which is independent of the body's will. Two major parts are the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
THE sympathetic nervous system His immediate task is to activate the body in an emergency, to stimulate the blood supply and function of vital organs, and to mobilize the blood vessels. For example, blood pressure increases, heart rate increases, breathing speeds up, and in this situation, the activity of "less important" viscera (eg, gastrointestinal tract, lungs) slows down. THE parasympathetic nervous system activates a safe, relaxed way to keep your body functioning. Its effect is to slow circulation, speed up bowel movements and increase function.
With atavistic simplification: the onset of childbirth is inextricably linked to an environmentally friendly, relaxed, parasympathetic increase in tone. The weather front often causes a significant increase in the parasympathetic tone: we complain of headaches, low blood pressure, discomfort, "depression". This weather condition and its consequent effect are clearly favorable for the onset of childbirth: in such cases, it begins with mainly fatigue, corresponding to the tonic enhancement of the parasympathetic nervous system. (Interesting parable: the majority of births start at night.
The darkness of the new, the security, results in greater activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which may serve as a "scientific" explanation for the more frequent onset of nocturnal disease. Such was the moment of spontaneous abortion.
It is a well-known fact that spontaneous abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy (15-18 percent of all pregnancies) are manifestations of natural selection, and in most cases, malformations of the embryo and other cases. Moderate spontaneous abortions can be traced back more often to maternal causes. In these turns, the influence of weather factors on the maternal body could be more significant, but reliable and sufficiently scientific observations do not support this assumption.

3 liters of water per day

The practice has the consequences of scientific reasoning in the above. However, the depths of the weather have a significant influence on the pregnant woman's body, which is very important in everyday life.
Kьlцnцsen summer canines are a big threat, much higher thermal stability in the body, a significant increase in the risk of dehydration, and increased fluid loss due to sweating impairs circulatory parameters, thus causing the fetus to be at risk. In large summer cubs, the increased protection of pregnant women is essential. Stay in a well-ventilated, shady room where you are in need of an open air, outdoors, protect your body, especially your head for direct radiation, and most importantly ensure a good flow.
This should be carbonated acid free water, the amount of which should not be limited, in real summer can be up to three liters a day! (A condition that restricts fluid intake in some of your pregnancy conditions, such as vomiting, can be considered obsolete and professionally unjustified.)
Seek medical advice immediately if you have any suspicions of dehydration or hygut. The weather, its latitudes, its variability, even in our climatic conditions, have some effect on the body of pregnant women. One of the reasons for this is that the birth can be started around the expected date of birth, although the scientific evidence of the assumptions can still be assured.
However, the effect of weather is the influence of latitude and, above all, the influence of warmth and sex on the body of a pregnant woman. Understanding this properly, and avoiding abnormal effects, is of paramount importance to the health of prospective mothers and their fetus.
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