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Toddlers would need 3 hours a day for physical activity

Toddlers would need 3 hours a day for physical activity

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Although it may seem that the meaning of your life cannot be shaken all day, according to experts, today's children generally do not exercise well.

According to experts, all this is because the little ones are too much in a stroller etetхszйkben, and the bigger ones are why blame is on all kinds of games - says According to the latest recommendations children between the ages of 1 and 4 would need 3 hours of activity per day. Canadian researchers report that toddlers and toddlers get 180 minutes of physical activity a day. While previous recommendations included an "energy" game of 5 years of age, from now on, we recommend this for 3 year olds.
"The older a child is, it requires more dynamic activities. For toddlers, such as running, dancing, or playing in the fresh air. For 3-5 year olds, it can be jumping, crawling or cycling "- they say in their report. It is recommended that you play the inside game before the screen and and the time spent in a stroller or barely sitting should be spent with active activities.
"The sooner you can make a difference in your children's behavioral habits and development, the better," says Dr. Mark Tremblay, head of the Ottawa Hospital Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group. Activity education can be started at a very young age. Babies also need enough exercise. At least one half of the age of a child should be given a play time full of stomachs, which can help them to develop healthy habits over the long term.
Not only do kids play outdoors, they do they have a good effect on their brains as well. Outdoor play has been proven to help brain development in toddlers and toddlers. In addition, every mother knows for sure that there are other benefits: for example, it is guaranteed that she will eat and sleep a lot afterwards. Related Articles:
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