That's how the baby's brain works

If you look at it, the baby boy is an adorable cookie. To say the least, it's an incredible big deal. Look what's going on!

That's how the baby's brain works

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In the Newborn Brain almost all the nerve cells you will ever use will be found. The weight of a child is still a quarter of that of an adult. The difference in mass is essentially due to the connections between brain cells, that is, the proliferation and thickening of cell populations. Initially, the brain cells are almost punctured, trying to connect with "fûvel-f", but only those "kebels" that prove to be useful remain. The brain is a cow in the early years, he develops a more synonymous relationship with the need.Then, after most messages have been exchanged, the relationships remain, the superintendents die. However, information flows much better when needed. This is how quality gains advantage over quantity. This process is the greatest cause of childhood. Of course, it does not stop in adulthood: it is worth studying.

Can we predict if he will be smart?

Not easy. But what is it okossбg? Identical to IQ? And what? According to psychologists, "intelligence is what intelligence tests measure." What are we curious about anyway? In order for our child to remain in life and be happy, he or she needs not only "smartness", but also emotional balance, enthusiasm, curiosity. Aces are just a factor, though for many people the most important. Experience has shown that in infancy it is not easy to predict how smart our children will be. Although there are tests that can be done in infancy, but since the development of babies in the first few years is very diverse, the results don't say much. Even a kid can become an academic who starts to speak at the age of three. children who had a better social and cultural background from the beginning, and not for those who scored higher on the developmental test. The biological basis of "smartness" can be hereditary, but what a child brings out is largely determined by their environment.

Peculiar tempo, given order

Skills are built on one another, so we can't swap or push anything just because we like it. The rotation is followed by the ascending, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing up, moving. If the kelletйnйl kйsztetjьk the babбt earlier one mozgбsforma elsajбtнtбsбra this muscles, нzьletei bбnjбk, йs csцkkenhet the цnbizalma cause is.Ugyanнgy nehйzsйget if tanнtgatjuk beszйlni if ​​habituated idejekorбn szobatisztasбgra if fejlesztх jбtйkok or worksheets elй ьltetjьk when mйg free jбtйk adnб and a real opportunity for improvement. Most importantly, the child's development must be brought forwardeven if it slows down temporarily or stops in certain areas.If your skills deteriorate, this is an important sign that you are in trouble. If you speak less or less cleanly, if you are more innocuous than before, if you pee again, even though it was safe to clean, consult a specialist! Related articles in Intelligence:
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