The new baby room is waiting for you!

The new baby room is waiting for you!

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If you don't know your favorite site, don't worry, you're in the right place! Now you have a whole new, revitalized and expanded port for your blood. Come check out some of Hungary's most popular baby rooms!

Week is everyone's great time. Children who were born one day from the start of our portal can read and write now and are in the second grade of elementary school. We are also moved to another class: our new site takes you back to old values, but with countless added features and content, you are welcome.

Directly to you

Perhaps from the line of the previous couple it was felt that the graphics and services of the pages also changed: our polite but somewhat distant . We believe that a change of tone will not detract from our professional values ​​but will make the site more personal. We certainly come a lot closer to this - not to mention that a significant part of the past few years has begun to use the pages of experienced parents.

Kifestettьnk ...

Every year, we usually do some painting, a little overhaul, in our own home. Apart from the small changes that have taken place so far, it has been in a form similar to that which had begun a week or so ago. Now, however, our graphic designers have redesigned the page and needed more space to implement their ideas than they previously had. Our talent pages have become much wider, so we have been able to keep up with the increasing resolution of the monitors.

… So we demolished the house

The heart has grown a lot in the heart, and according to statistics, you have not done so. From month to month, hundreds of thousands of pages were visited on our site, generating millions of page views. In order for the site to continue to function well and to provide new features, we had to virtually drop the issue and rebuild the entire page. We do not know of any corner where we have not restarted the programs, altered the functions, or formulated the text. It seems we were fortunate enough to add many ideas, requests and suggestions alongside your old functions, based on your feedback, your suggestions, and our own experiences.
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The forum has been extended with a number of new options. Without the need for completeness, there is little to no one: everyone will see a small picture of his or her choice, the avatar. You can see at a glance if a particular visitor is currently logged in, so it's easier to send them a private message. Bye, private message! This system works just like old, private messages are not forwarded via email, but can be read online. Once you have entered, you will be able to see if you have a private message, and you will be able to reply without any mail program. It's just icing on the cake that you can send pictures!
But let's get back to the forums! The options for publishing, listing, and sorting forums and submissions are multi-faceted. In addition to a topic, visits also appear in addition to the number of contributions.
We are responding to the old request by giving us the opportunity to open closed forums. This means that only those who have permission to open the topic can access such topics.
Last but not least, you can now upload a picture to submit a post.


You can submit ads more easily, faster, and your search options are vastly expanded. With the new look, the administration of my own ads has become simpler, and the system of highlighting advertisements has also been updated. Instead of the previous difficult sponsorship option, you can choose from a number of highlights, and buy customized premium sms for a special look.


Profiles have retained all their previous useful features, but of course they know more than before. For example, you have the option of viewing profiles: you can choose to view your profile without anyone having to register. But if you think you can lock it with a password so only those you send it to can see it.


The change at the top of the page is striking: our articles have been placed in a system where you can click through to find the content of your child's age. The articles have been labeled so that you can more easily capture the information you are interested in. At first, you can also note that it has also grown a bit - you can find content from birth to three years old, and now you can read everything from childhood planning to full age.


We've missed out on a surface where we can share the latest, interesting information with you. Welcome weekly to the Fresh News, Interesting section, where you will find more useful, short information, program news, day by day.


The advances in technology and the Internet are making it possible to watch videos and animations online just as if you were watching television. In our media, you will find animated baby health animations by renowned American health care company Blausen Medical and English. But they have been, and will continue to be, the videos and picture galleries we make, of which you'll find dozens of pages on our site in March.


Find an explanation of the most common pediatric diseases in us! You can find detailed, professionally accurate, publicly available descriptions of illnesses affecting children on the pages of our Sick Icon.

Pharmacy and pharmacy search

You can now find information on all the medicines on the market in our country, in searchable form, constantly updated. There's nothing more to worry about if your child asks for and steals the medicine box or the dosing guide disappears - find it here! And if you want to find the nearest drugstore, you can find it with just a few clicks!
We can't cover all of our innovations in an article, but we're confident you'll find them all!